The SMOKENDERS® Success Story

SMOKENDERS® is one of the largest and most successful smoking cessation programs in the United States. With its network of dedicated professionals, the company has helped more than 2 million people worldwide to stop smoking! This successful program is now available in the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand through Smokenders Digital to help and support many more people break free from the smoking addiction.


A survey conducted by Johns Hopkins University, demonstrated that 81% of those who completed the course actually quit smoking. . We believe our quit and retention rates have improved with the introduction of the online program. These quit rates are 2 to 3 times higher than any other smoking cessation program in existence today!


… SMOKENDERS® has been the most successful commercial stop-smoking program. SMOKENDERS® is a highly structured, systematic technique that emphasizes positive reinforcement and changing attitudes…” - National Cancer Institute, Blueprint for Public Health “

The National Association of Managed Care Physicians has endorsed SMOKENDERS® smoking cessation program. We are strong proponents of preventative health programs such as yours, and are impressed by the way your clients are gradually weaned from their smoking habit, both physically and psychologically.” Bruce Hoffman, National Association of Managed Care Physicians

“SMOKENDERS® is the oldest, largest and most effective smoking cessation program in the country” Principles of Community Health “Blue Cross

Health Plus (a division of Blue Cross) chose SMOKENDERS® as the only program that we would provide coverage for under our smoking cessation benefit, because of the excellent success rates we had experienced in the program.” Scott Pritchard, MS, Health Promotions, Permera